How to burn dvd using nero

Level of difficulty: Easy

Nero is a popular software suite for Microsoft windows. The Nero Start Smart is the major pillar behind the unputdownable functioning of Nero. The software Nero is entrusted with the power of performing various applications and the Nero Start Smart is responsible for attaining those tasks smoothly. It has the capability to perform several basic operations like CD burning. While speaking of the benefits of Nero, the first thing that comes in our mind is what can be the reasons for its popularity. The answer is very simple. If you get a software that can burn non-copyright protected media and is also user friendly, then I think you cannot expect nothing more out of it. Thus, many of us can back up our cinematic memories to hard drives while Nero start Smart helps us to burn those in DVDs- and that too in few easy steps. Download or purchase a copy of the Nero DVD burning software that is easily available on the market. For those who have purchase a new computer, no need to worry about that even since you find them already installed and configured in your PC.

Materials Needed:
- a copy of the Nero DVD burning software
- a blank DVD.
Step 1
First, the file that is to be put on the DVD has to be saved in any folder of the computer.
Step 2
Then a blank DVD has to be inserted in the DVD drive.
Step 3
Selecting 'all programs' from the start menu, we have to opt for Nero Start Smart from Nero.
Step 4
Now comes the option of selecting the option 'DVD' from the menu which is visible with a mouse click.
Step 5
Select the icon 'Data' from the pull down menu and then opt for 'Make Data DVD'.
Step 6
With the opening of the Nero express window, click the button to add the files that has been selected from the hard drive for burning.
Step 7
Select 'next' for the final burn setting screen, set the burning speed and lastly go for 'Burn' and wait as your files are burned to the DVD.
Step 8
Some years back, creating a backup of the computer files through the burning process was so complicated but now with dual layer DVDs having large storing space, saving information is easy. DVDs are even excellent for long term storage and for making videos that we can watch on a DVD player. Since most desktops and laptops have DVD recordable drives, it is easy to save our precious data or take video clips and turn them into polished and professional looking DVDs that can play on any DVD player. All we need to do is to use the proper software- Nero Start Smart.