How to Connect Wirelessly to the Internet

Level of difficulty: Easy

Connect your computer or laptop to an existing wireless Internet network. Benefit from a wireless Internet connection without the difficulty of wires and plugs.

Materials Needed:
- Internet Connection
- Computer with Wireless Capability
- Microsoft XP Operating System (OS)
Step 1
Click on the 'Start' button on the lower left of your Desktop. Navigate to 'Connect To' and select 'Show all Connections'.
Step 2
Choose the Wireless Internet icon and click 'View Available Wireless Connections' in the Network Tasks box.
Step 3
From the Network menu, choose the network you want to connect. You may need to enter a password if the network that you want to connect is wireless secured.
Step 4
If your computer cannot detect an available wireless Internet connection, right-click on the 'My Computer' icon on your Desktop and choose 'Properties'.
Step 5
Select the 'Hardware' tab on the System Properties window and click on 'Device Manager'.
Step 6
Click on the [+] icon next to 'Network Adapters' and check if there is a wireless adapter installed.
Step 7
Go to the 'Start' menu at the lower left of your Desktop and choose 'Control Panel'
Step 8
In XP 'Classic Mode', click the 'Wireless Network Setup Wizard'.
Step 9
If you are using Windows XP, in the Control Panel, change to 'Classic View'. Select 'Wireless Network Setup Wizard'.
Step 10
On the Wireless Network Setup Wizard window, click 'Next' and proceed to the next step.
Step 11
Choose the option, 'Set up network manually', click 'Next and click 'Finish'.
Step 12
Go back to the 'Control Panel' window and select 'Network Connections', then 'Wireless Network Connection', then 'Properties'.
Step 13
On the 'Wireless Connection Properties' window, select the 'Wireless Networks' tab. On that window, the wireless network router should appear. If it does not appear, select the 'View Wireless Networks' button or the name of your network by selecting 'Add' just below the 'Preferred Networks' window.
Step 14
Enter the network name if you selected the 'Add' option. Make sure that all boxes are unchecked and enter your password in both boxes. If the network is not secured, change the 'Data Encryption' option to 'disabled' and select 'OK'.