How to Connect a PS2 to the Internet

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

PS2 or PlayStation 2 represents the sixth generation video gaming console introduced by Sony Corporation in mid 1999 and to date, it remains as one of the biggest selling gaming consoles in the world with already more than 140 million units sold by July of 2008. This gaming unit has proven to be a favorite way of passing time among family and friends especially with the introduction of the Network Adapter which allows the unit to hook to the Internet and provide players with online gaming capability. This feature which is built into the newer slim-line models provides multiplayer online functionality by splitting resources between publishers and running games along third party servers. PlayStation 2 games which were released after 2002 all carry DNAS (Dynamic Network Authentication System) protection to prevent malicious gamers from pirating games as well as implementing online cheating tactics by checking for any modifications that may have been made to the game.

Materials Needed:
- PlayStation 2 with network adapter (PS2 Slim and PSX have built-in Ports)
- 2 RJ-45 CAT5 Ethernet Cable
- computer with NIC
- broadband Internet connection
- router
- online game
- memory card
Step 1
To connect the PS2 unit to the Internet, determine the type of connection you want to implement. For indirect connection, proceed to Step 10. Go to the next step to begin direct connection.
Step 2
Before doing anything, make sure that both the PlayStation 2 unit and the Internet connection source are both powered off.
Step 3
Using an RJ-45 CAT-5 Ethernet cable, plug one end into the Network Adapter port of the PlayStation 2 unit labeled as Network and the other to the port of the Internet connection source (DSL or broadband modem) to create a connection.
Step 4
Power up the PlayStation 2 unit and inset the network access software disc distributed together with the gaming console.
Step 5
Once the disc is read, turn on the Internet connection source to begin receiving signals from the Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Step 6
On the on-screen installation menu of the PlayStation 2, verify that all settings are properly configured. Make sure all cable connections are firmly plugged into their respective sockets.
Step 7
Use a computer system to verify if the Internet connection is active by browsing Web pages. If active, the PlayStation 2 can now connect to the Internet.
Step 8
Go to the online section of the game you want to play and create a network configuration.
Step 9
Load the created network configuration and create an ID. Play online.
Step 10
Repeat Step 2. Take a cross-over patch cable and plug one end into the Network port of the PlayStation 2 unit and the other to the Network card of a computer connected to the Internet. This would normally require the computer to have two network cards.
Step 11
An alternative to Step 10 is to use a router or a switch. Take an Ethernet cable, plug one end into the Network port of the PlayStation 2 unit and the other to a vacant port of the router.
Step 12
Follow Step 4 to Step 9 to connect to the Internet and begin playing games online.