How to Burn Movies on my Computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A computer system (especially a home computer) is considered as an all-in-one device which not only allows access to the Internet and creation of various documents and files but also as an entertainment console allowing the playing of video games as well as playback of audio and video files. The introduction of the optical media such as CD, DVD, and quite recently Blu-Ray has further extended the capability of the computer into allowing the user to transfer audio and video files to these media in order to allow for playback on standalone media players. In order to cater to this growing trend, hardware manufacturers and software developers consistently and continuously introduce to the computer market applications and devices which can further enrich this burning capability. When it comes to movie or video files, certain restrictions have been put in place to make sure that copyright protection is in place minimizing possible abuse of the technology.

Materials Needed:
- Computer with CD or DVD writer drive
- Optical media authoring program
- Blank CD or DVD recordable
- Video converter application
Step 1
To copy (burn) movies onto an optical drive, make sure that you have the right to do so. Not only personal right (because it is your movie) but also computer rights (some systems require administrative rights to use burning features) to complete the task.
Step 2
Next is that you need to determine the type of movie output that you would like. The burning process for a CD movie output is different from that of a DVD. Decide on the output format of the movie.
Step 3
If you want to burn a CD format movie, go to step 10. For a DVD format output, make sure that a blank recordable DVD media is in the burner.
Step 4
The source movie file must be stored in the hard drive. Even if you have two CD or DVD drives, it is still advisable to copy it to the hard drive for faster and more stable data transfer rates during the burning process. Create a new folder where the movie file will be stored.
Step 5
Since DVD movie formats use different streams for the audio, video, and even the subtitle, the raw movie must first be converted to DVD format before it can be burned. Launch your Web browser and search for video converter utilities. Download and install the application in your computer.
Step 6
Launch the video converter program and convert the raw movie file into DVD format. If possible create a new folder where the converted movie will be stored. Wait for the conversion process to finish and close the application.
Step 7
Open your authoring program (such as Nero, Roxio, Imgburn, etc.) and select the option to burn a movie. Load the movie files. Adjust the settings of the software and make sure that the Finalize this disc option is always chosen. This will allow playback on standalone media players.
Step 8
Click on the burn button to begin the authoring process. As much as possible refrain from doing other activities on the computer during the burning process to avoid unnecessary allocation of system resources.
Step 9
Once the burning procedure is completed and the disc is finalized, the application will eject the optical media. Insert it into a standalone media player to test the end product.
Step 10
Burning a CD format movie is quite straight forward since both audio and video streams are stored in the same file. To begin burning a CD movie, skip the conversion process and proceed from step 7 to step 9.