How to Fix a Computer Monitor

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Monitor is an output device attached to your computer to make you view the things you are doing, a video etc. There are a lot of problems which could take place when using the monitor for our routine purposes. And there are a lot of ways with which it could be resolved. Some of the ways are extremely easier and some need a little work to be done.

Materials Needed:
- Monitor
Step 1
In case there is no display in the monitor, check for the power supply. Check if the cable is loose or if the plug is not placed properly in the socket. Also check if the socket is working well by using the same socket with some other device. If socket is fine and monitor is not giving output then its cathode ray tube can be burnt. For fixing it, you need to call the vendor's customer care. If it doesn't solve the problem move to next step.
Step 2
If you see some greenish and reddish shades near the edges of your monitor, it probably is because of the magnetization of the CRT. You first have to remove any electronic device attached to the computer because it generates magnetic field when placed near the CRT. Then press the round button found at the bottom of the monitor to enter Menu. In the Menu, select special and then select Degauss. It will demagnetize your CRT and will remove those reddish and yellowish lines.
Step 3
If your monitor shows some blurred images it could be because of corrupt display drivers or some hardware problem. If drivers are corrupt then reinstall them. If hardware problem is there then go to menu of monitor. Select special and select reset to reset the settings to company's manufacturing settings.
Step 4
If the screen is not synchronized, then check that the output level matches the input level. Check that the signal timings of your computer are in synchronization with the monitor specification.
Step 5
If brightness is not perfect, then select menu and then adjust the brightness level and contrast level of the monitor. Check if horizontal frequency of the monitor is in sync with the computer output.
Step 6
If you are having problem with the position of the picture, then go to the Menu and select the position menu. Set the horizontal and vertical size according to your wish by pressing the appropriate arrow keys.
Step 7
If you experience a shaky screen it is because of any magnetic thing placed nearby. Replace the item away from the monitor and again check it.