How to buy memory

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

RAM stands for Random Access Memory. The RAM has the capability to improve the working of a very slow computer. It is the easiest way to upgrade a system that is becoming difficult to work with.

Materials Needed:
- If you are upgrading your system then you need to know the specifications of the original RAM and the specifications of the new RAM that you want to purchase.
Step 1
First make up your mind whether you will make the purchase online or by going to the market. the online buys saves you a little money as you are able to buy a RAM direct from the company which is manufacturing it and therefore the commissions of the intermediate retailers and sellers get reduced. The RAMs are very easily available both online as well as in the normal markets.
Step 2
For buying a RAM you need to check out the brand of your personal computer. All the RAMs do not work with computers of different brands interchangeably. A particular RAM is compatible only with a few types of computers. For buying a RAM you need to be very specific.
Step 3
After you have found out the brand of your personal computer; locate the model number of the system. Every brand has a variety of models and every model has its own technical specifications.
Step 4
Carefully evaluate the specifications of the RAM also. See if the technical specifications of the RAM are compatible with your personal computer. RAM is a very crucial part of a system hence even a small misfit can render the RAM useless for your personal computer.
Step 5
The most crucial technical specification of your system is the number of banks and the number of slots. The number of slots will decide the number of memory extensions that can be used. The number of banks will tell about the size of the RAM. A computer having only one bank can have memory cards of different sizes but if a computer has banks of two then all the cards in that particular bank should be of same size.
Step 6
RAM is something that you will not be changing very often. Try to purchase a RAM that has a huge capacity and is the maximum that you and your system can afford.
Step 7
Incase you are not very sure about the amount of RAM your computer can afford it is advisable that you take help from an expert or search over the Internet as a wrongly chosen RAM can damage the computer instead of improving it.