How to clear computer memory

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

If one has filled in some vital personal information on the forms while surfing the internet, or one has worked on the friends system else surf the net in cybercafé; it is always a good habit to delete the computer memory in order to avoid the important information being traced out. In this way you can ensure full security, as nowadays Hackers hack the vital personal information from the system through virus. So it’s always a good practice to eliminate the surfed websites information from the system. It’s very easy and efficient to delete the history from the computer.

Materials Needed:
- A computer
- with internet connection and the internet browser having browsing history.
Step 1
One needs to clean the computer by clearing the cookies, in order to make computer fast. Click on the Start menu and then select 'Control Panel', then select Internet Options icon. This is the first step towards clearing the computer memory.
Step 2
After clicking the 'Internet options' a pop-up window will open, here the default 'General' tab will open if it’s not the case then click on the 'General' tab, the first of many options.
Step 3
General tab includes a 'Browsing History' heading. Click on the delete tab to delete the customized web information one wants to delete according to his/her own requirement. Click on the Delete Cookies option and a pop-up box will appear asking DELETE OFFLINE, do not click on that.
Step 4
One will find a pop-up window after clicking the 'Delete' tab. The options like 'Temporary Internet Files, Cookies, History, Form Data, and Passwords' have a Delete option in front of each option. Each option has its specific task. Although, if one wants to clear the whole computer memory one has to click on the 'Delete All' button at the bottom of the window. By clicking on this button all the relevant information regarding the visited web pages is erased from the computer memory and there would not be any saved record of any of your activity.
Step 5
The computer cache memory about the browsing pages will be erased and no other person on that computer can identify the history of the pages you have visited. This is very effective if you have worked on other person’s computer or you have surfed net in a Cyber café where there is a high risk of having viruses and other password breaker software being installed by the hackers.