How to Change Colors and Font on MySpace

Level of difficulty: Easy

MySpace is one of the more popular social network sites. It allows users to add content to a profile page that can be viewed by others. The profile page contains most of the interests and hobbies of the user. Simple changes can be made to the page using HTML tags. HTML is HyperText Markup Language. This uses tags to format text. Specific codes and commands can be used to change the appearance of a page.

Materials Needed:
- HTML codes cheat sheet
- word processor program (if needed)
Step 1
Use an HTML cheat sheet. Lists of specific HTML codes are available online. Search for one and choose the link that contains the codes you want. This can include instructions to format text as well as the specific 6-digit numbers used to specify colors. The cheat sheet contains the commands used and often shows the appearance after the tags are applied.
Step 2
Open another browser window. Type the website address on the address bar. This will direct the program to MySpace.
Step 3
Log on to the account. Type the email address and password used for the MySpace account and click 'Log In'.
Step 4
Once the account is accessed, click on the 'Edit Profile' option. This will lead to a separate page. It will show the items included in the 'About Me' section. Each field will show the text previously entered by the user.
Step 5
Refer to the HTML cheat sheet and select the desired color for the font. For example, the tag used for the color white is FFFFFF. Make sure the chosen color will appear properly against the color of the background. Note the 6-digit color code.
Step 6
Place the HTML tags before and after the text that should be changed in color. The beginning tag used for font color is '<font color='#******'>', with the color code in place of the asterisks (*). The tag at the end of the text to be formatted should be '</font>'. It is not necessary to put spaces before or after the tags. So, to change a certain text to the color white, the tags should be placed like this: <font color='#FFFFFF'>text</font>.
Step 7
HTML tags can also change the font type used for the profile. A word processor program can be used to help determine the new font face. Simply check the list of fonts loaded on the word processor and choose one. Web browsers do not support all fonts supported on documents, so it is best to use a common one.
Step 8
The beginning tag used to change the font is '<font face='xxx'>', with the Xs showing where the font type should be placed. This tag should be placed at the beginning of the text to be formatted. At the end of the text, the tag placed should be '</font>'. For example, when trying to change the font to Verdana, the tags should appear like this: <font face='Verdana'>text</font>. Again, there is no need to put spaces in between the tags and the text.
Step 9
Before publishing, it is advisable to preview the page to make sure all the changes are registered properly. One of the most of the common mistakes in using HTML is forgetting to place the end tag. Check the preview for any errors in the formatting. If everything is as it should be, save the changes.