How to change the windows icons

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Icons are graphical representation of files in which important data is stored. They are names given to files that enable users to locate the required data. These icons can be given a new form according to tastes and preferences of the users.

Materials Needed:
- One needs a computer and Windows XP or Vista to change the icons.
Step 1
The first step requires users to start Windows.
Step 2
Once Windows are started, users need to click Start menu after which they need to select the 'My Computer' key. Users can directly go to 'My Computer' option if they have this icon appearing on the desktop. Users can do so by double-clicking on the option. This makes the process all the more convenient and easier.
Step 3
After selecting 'My Computer' option, users are required to open the directory by double-clicking on their hard drive. This gives out a list of all the current programs that are running on the hard drive.
Step 4
After going through the display of various programs, users need to select that particular program for which they want to change the icon. If users are not aware of the location of their program, they can go to 'Start' menu. In this menu there will be a 'Search' feature that users can access to locate that program for which they wish to change the icon.
Step 5
After locating that particular file, users need to right-click and go to the 'Properties' option.
Step 6
Once this 'Properties' option pops out, users are required to select 'Change Icon' button. If by any instance, users do not have this 'Change Icon' button, they need to cancel the 'Properties' menu and create a desktop icon by right-clicking on file.
Step 7
On selecting 'Change Icon' button, a list showing various icons appear on screen. Users can choose any icon from that list. However, if users are unable to find a suitable icon from that list, they can click 'Browse' button to look for more options.
Step 8
After users have selected an appropriate icon of their choice, they need to click 'OK' for that particular icon to get selected.
Step 9
Next step requires users to click 'Apply' to make the necessary changes
Step 10
Once users have clicked 'Apply', they need to select 'OK' to close that particular window. After doing that they should make sure that the icon has been changed successfully.