How to Become a Computer Animator

Level of difficulty: Difficult

Computer animators create animations on the computer. They do the roles of an artist, engineer, and a story teller. Computer animators know how they would express emotions through movements. They can tell stories even without using dialogues. The main role of a computer animator is used in different textures, techniques, and technologies to create an illusion of movement of an image in the computer.

Materials Needed:
- A computer installed with Photoshop
- CorelDraw or illustrator
- and other 3D modeling applications; Knowledge in drawing
- sculpture
- design
- and CAD; understanding and knowledge in fiction writing
- engineering
- psychology
- and history.
Step 1
Have enough knowledge in Photoshop, CorelDraw, and other 3D modeling programs like 3D Studio Max. One must also have thorough knowledge of drawing and putting it into practice on the computer.
Step 2
Have enough knowledge in sculpting. Practice how to sculpt an image using the computer. Animation is usually 3D. Having knowledge on sculpting will make it easier to sculpt an image using a program on the computer.
Step 3
Know how to design the drawings and the sculpture that has been made. Designing the character to be animated makes the character more appealing, realistic, and lively.
Step 4
Knowledge in CAD is a big must because drafting in the computer is not the same as drafting in the table. An animator must know the commands on CAD to make the animating process much easier.
Step 5
Having a solid understanding about engineering is helpful in becoming an animator. This is a must to be able to create designs using all the available materials, devices and structures. This will give an idea on the specific animation that is going to be produced.
Step 6
Having knowledge in fiction writing and psychology is also helpful in becoming an animator. This is to help in creating animation that will express feelings and reach out to the target audience. It is also necessary to have knowledge on the history of animation. Practice animating different types of images to improve animating skills and to increase knowledge on different animating programs available to use.
Step 7
If these conditions are met, one can be a great computer animator. All these skills are not necessary to become an animator but having these skills are helpful. Being a computer animator can be achieved with a lot of practice.