How to convert wma files to mp3

Level of difficulty: Easy

To convert WMA files to MP3, you have to install a WMA converter, and that will help you with the process. Each converter is different from the other as it has different sets of options and characteristics. But, it does help you to convert WMA files to MP3. Select the WMA files you want converted to MP3 format then set the output file name and press on the Convert tab. There are various converters available for this purpose.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
You can do format conversions via multi purpose software which is useful when you are doing a single conversion but it is apt for doing a huge set of conversions. You can do a batch conversion, which allows you to convert all the WMA files in set up mode. It is also used for changing tags in multiple files.
Step 2
You can either convert a single track as easily as you convert batches together; there is hardly any difference. This is known to be one of the best tools to convert WMA to MP3 and other formats.
Step 3
Another software known as Protected Music Converter can easily convert the protected music files to unprotected formats. So you can listen to I Pod music, burn it to CD, upload it on a cell phone, and use in whatever device you wish to if it doesn’t have protected support. What is required to convert is to add protected files to the batch list, then make a selection of the output format and press on 'start' button.
Step 4
This software is good for users who want to convert protected WMA to MP3 and MP4.
Step 5
Install the MP3 converter and use it by clicking once. Go to Windows Explorer, then select a file, do a right click and choose 'Quickly convert to MP3'.
Step 6
The default settings can be changed; batch conversions of multiple files can be done. This is good for users who regularly use MP3 conversions and has a wide range of input formats with one click conversion style.
Step 7
Conversion can be done in the easiest way by using Audio Conversion Wizard, and you can be a novice if you are using this. Format settings can be changed in this, and batch conversion of files is allowed.
Step 8
This is good for people who have no experience in converting WMA files to MP3 and you can do the set up manually.