How to Disable Norton Internet Security Firewall

Level of difficulty: Easy

Norton Internet Security was created by Symantec Corporation. This software includes a powerful firewall function, which provides additional protection to your computers.

Materials Needed:
- Supervisor password( if any)
Step 1
The Norton Internet Security package employs heuristics and viral signatures called viral code to detect possible computer threats. Once a program or a website is identified to have a destructive or harmful component Norton Internet Security program will prevent you from running or accessing the said website. There are times when a user needs to download or run an essential program identified as a malicious file by the Norton Internet Security, which will require you to disable your Internet security program to be able to access the desired file.
Step 2
First, open your Norton Internet Security to disable firewall. Access Norton Internet Security via selecting the Norton’s shortcut provided on your desktop. If you do not have a desktop shortcut for this program you may click on the Norton logo on the right of your taskbar. You can also find the Norton program via windows button found on your keyboard, which will bring you to the Start Menu. Select the All Programs button from the Start Menu to access a drop down menu containing folders of the programs in your computer. Look for the Norton Internet Security folder and click on the Norton logo icon.
Step 3
Access the Norton Internet Security program by selecting the User Accounts located on the left side of the of the program’s window.
Step 4
In case you are not logged on as a Supervisor, you will have to go to Log Off and then Log On afterwards. Pick the Supervisor account from the list in the Account Name.
Step 5
Provide the necessary password for this account. Leave the password field blank if you did not set any password for account.
Step 6
Confirm the transaction by selecting OK. After which your status will then be changed to 'You are logged on as: Supervisor'.
Step 7
After you logged in as a Supervisor click on the Internet Status located on the left of the Norton’s window, then select Current Status.