How to change html fonts

Level of difficulty: Easy

Hypertext Markup Language is used to manipulate data settings by changing font size or color. One can even add pictures, images and graphics to spice it up a little. HTML is an easy language of internet which can be learned quickly. There are certain codes or tags that help users to change their page settings and formats. HTML is an economical and effective way of representing data or information.

Materials Needed:
- One should have a computer and must possess some basic knowledge of html.
Step 1
The foremost step is to decide as to how one wants his or her web page look like. For instance there are some who may want to create headings for their data. This helps in differentiation of data and information is presented systematically. One can even make look data attractive by using separate colors for headers and information therein to create a good impact on readers.
Step 2
Next step requires one to choose a particular font from multiple choices available to him. Users have to select a font that is already installed in computers. Any other font shall be unacceptable and would be ineffective. There are some standard fonts that are widely used. Some o0f which may include Helvetica, serif, times new roman, fantasy, and sans-serif. Fonts other than these are likely to function.
Step 3
Once one has decided which font to use, he or she needs to construct a tag which may be as follows: . This helps in changing the web page according to desired format. If one feels to select any other font than those standard ones, all they need to do is to type numerous fonts in HTML tag. Such fonts should be separated by using comma and space. After doing this the font which would be available can be effectively used.
Step 4
Next step requires users to place the tag where one feels to change font by using copy and paste function. All data that needs to be changed should come within tags to get desired results. If one feels to use tables, tag is used to avoid using tag again and again.