How to clear computer temp files

Level of difficulty: Easy

Temporary files are saved on the computer’s hard drive every day and are usually deleted automatically when the system is closed. But sometimes the program hangs up or the System crushes before the task is closed properly. In this case the temporary files remain stored in the hard drive. A huge storage of the temporary file in the computer memory decreases the speed of the system. Windows XP have a program known as “Disk Cleanup Utility” which erases the temporary files from the hard disk and evacuates the memory space by the unwanted temporary files. Also while surfing the Internet, the computer keep on saving the temporary internet files to the hard drive to make surfing fast. It stores the files in virtual memory. These files need to be deleted on regular basis to help improving the speed of the system. It is easy to delete the temporary files from the system. Here are a few steps to delete the temporary files from the System.

Materials Needed:
- A computer System
- Internet connection and stored temporary files of course.
Step 1
Go to Start menu in the Windows taskbar.
Step 2
Go the 'All Programs' and select the 'Accessories' option from the list.
Step 3
Select the 'System Tools' in the list of 'Accessories' menu. Here select the 'Disk Cleanup' option. The application will ask for the drive one wants to clean; generally Windows is installed in the 'C' drive.
Step 4
In the 'Disk Cleanup' menu go down to the 'Temporary Files' option and tick mark this option. One can checkmark other options as well by placing a tick sign against them like temporary internet files, file in the Recycle bin. The temporary internet files are the files which have been saved while surfing the internet. The websites one opens get stored in these files. When one delete files from the programs these files are not completely deleted from the computer and get stored in the Recycle bin, so one can permanently delete these files from the system. Once one deletes these temporary files from Recycle bin, they can not be restored again.
Step 5
Click 'OK' button to delete the temporary file from the Windows permanently.
Step 6
The same Internet files can be deleted through the 'Control panel' by selecting 'Internet Options' icon and then selecting the delete button under the 'Browsing History' option. Click on the 'Delete Temporary Files' button to delete the temporary internet files from the system. Select the 'Yes' button to delete them.