How to change folder icons

Level of difficulty: EASY

All of us are accustomed to the term folder. Folder is a virtual container within a digital file system where groups of computer files and other folders can be kept organized. Keeping all the folder organized helps us to locate them at the time of need. But what if all the folders that are restored have the same cover and identical to one another. Then we have to face the daunting task of searching the much needed folder from the heap of folders. Well, every problem has its solution and this one is no exception. It is the icon associated with the folder that that helps in distinguishing one folder from the other, which in turn saved a lot of energy and most importantly saves our precious time. Millions of folders are clustered in a file. Files that are connected in some way or the other are compiled in a single folder with the same yellow cover. It is really disgusting to have such dull images in front of our eyes day in and day out. That is why, we should change the folder icon which will be effective from decoration point of view as well as creating a difference. There are large numbers of icons available as per our requirement. Just we need to do is go through the system properly and search for .EXE files that has more icons. We can even opt for downloading some freeware icons over the internet. Now coming to the steps of changing the icons, there are only few steps that are needed to be carried out in executing the changes.

Materials Needed:
Step 1
From the 'properties' option on a folder, opt for 'customize'.
Step 2
On clicking the change icon button, a variety of folder icons appears in our screen.
Step 3
All we need to do is browse through them, select the one we like and provide our consent in changing the icons.
Step 4
On closing and reopening the folder, we can see that the icon change has effectively occurred.
Step 5
A folder contains a group of similar files and other directories. They provide careful application in designing large number of original icons and also acts as folder protect. Really, many of us only think the folder icons as something in decorating the desktop icons, but they are a bit more than that. It is the high time that we look into this and make our system a bit colorful and make our folder icons more meaningful.