How to clean up your computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Computers play a major role in everybody’s life. They have made life fast and much simpler. They save lot of time and effort. Computers are beneficial as long as they are used effectively and proper measures are undertaken from time to time to increase its speed and accuracy. The information mounted up for long can slow down the system and computer may get corrupted with numerous viruses. In order to prevent such instances, computers need to be cleaned up at regular intervals by installing anti-virus programs that would periodically scan computers. Users should clear the unwanted data from time to time to prevent it from getting accumulated and creating an unnecessary mess. This can be easily done by using Registry Cleaner that is quite effective in the process. This would in turn help in running the computer faster.

Materials Needed:
- One would require a computer system
- basic computer knowledge and an anti-virus program. Also there is a requirement for Computer Cleaner and Registry cleaner.
Step 1
Foremost step requires users to click 'Control Panel'. In this 'Control Panel', users need to select 'Program Feature' icon to remove unwanted files that are occupying unnecessary space in the system.
Step 2
The next step requires users to install an anti-virus program on their computers. Spy wares can destroy the data in computers and hamper their functioning to a great extent. This causes the need to install an anti-Spy ware program as well to enable users to protect and maintain their relevant data against such viruses.
Step 3
The next step requires users to install Computer Cleaner software to eliminate unnecessary data and files from their computer registry. This helps in cleaning out irrelevant data from the computer thereby enabling it to run faster.
Step 4
Users are then required to defrag their hard drive. Users need to right click on the drive to select properties. Once users have selected properties, they proceed further by clicking 'Tools' tab that will show the defragmentation tool. Data fragments can add unnecessary load on the computer system that slows down its functioning. Defragmentation helps in eliminating such data fragments.
Step 5
Users need to clean up the junk files. This can be done by right-clicking on the drive. In properties, users need to select 'General' tab where they can click disk clean up option to remove various temporary files that are not required by them. Users are then required to click 'OK' to end the program.