How to build a blog

Level of difficulty: Easy

You can create your own blog to share your views, thoughts and opinions in the manner that you want to. Build your own blog. So how can you create your own blog? Fortunately, the process is easy to do. You can start by using free source blog tools that are available. You don’t need web knowledge to develop the blog.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Open a hosting account which can be installed and activate a blog application. Free blog installation is offered on many sites. The blog application has built in functions HTML editor, posting articles, commenting, archives etc. popular blog tools have a large supporting community enabling you to find free themes for your blog and to customize it as you wish.
Step 2
With the help of a blog application you will be able to share your thoughts with the world. You need not be a web designer or developer to do this.
Step 3
Some people want to make money by from their blogs. And the only way you can do that, is by commercializing it.
Step 4
The blog should be similar to your website so that this maintains continuity in your brand and your blog can be recognized. The blog becomes a part of your website. If a website is not owned by you, then you can go ahead and make your blog with a great design. Don’t use dull themes.
Step 5
Use a simple name such as or com/blog. It has to be under the company domain. It has to be an vital part of your website. Make it simple without using plug-ins or widgets. Don’t put ads from Google as it makes the blog look cheap. Offer email and RSS subscription.
Step 6
The content is what makes a blog important. A company blog looks different from other blogs because of the content in the blog. Write valuable thought provoking content, about the company as this is what the people will notice and this will build your company’s brand name. The more input you provide, the better.
Step 7
Make future announcements with upcoming feature news. Write about success stories and have active communication with customers about what is important for them.
Step 8
Maintain goodwill to avoid messing your blog. The blog should be aimed at one direction that is about the product and add something which will attract the interests of the customers. After all, if you just offer them company news and nothing else, then the audience will find nothing interesting in seeing your blog.