How to Build a Server

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

A server acts as a central point of activity for other computers. The server computer also provides services to computers connected to it. Setting up a server on your house or in the office is useful especially if you work on different computers and you want to access files from multiple computers. Servers also aid in backing up of files on a single location.

Materials Needed:
- Computer that runs on Windows Vista Operating System
Step 1
Make sure that the computer that you are going to use as the server computer is in good condition as it will be constantly turned on.
Step 2
Turn on the computer that you are going to set up as the server. Log in as the computer’s administrator.
Step 3
Join a workgroup. Do this by clicking on the 'Start' button on the desktop. Select 'Control Panel' from the menu and click 'System and Maintenance'. A separate window will appear. Click 'System'. A panel will appear with the settings for the Domain, Workgroup, and Computer Name.
Step 4
On the panel, click 'Change Settings'. Select the 'Computer Name' tab on the window and click 'Change'.
Step 5
Locate the 'Member of' window. Click on the 'Workgroup' option and type the name of the workgroup that you want to join. Type 'MSHOME' as Windows computers are already set up with a networking group named 'MSHOME'. Reboot the computer and log in as the computer’s administrator.
Step 6
Configure the settings of the network by clicking on the 'Start' button, choose 'Control Panel', and click on 'Network and Internet'. Select 'Set Up File Sharing'. A new window will appear. Select 'Customize' and under the 'Location Type', select 'Private'. Close the window.
Step 7
Configure the server computer’s settings by clicking on the 'Start' button. Select 'Control Panel' and choose 'Network and Internet' from the icons. Select 'Set Up File Sharing'. Locate the 'Sharing and Discovery' panel and make sure that the option for network discovery is on.
Step 8
To enable the server computer to share files and printer access, go the 'Set Up File Sharing' panel and choose 'Turn On' for the following items: File Sharing, Printer Sharing, and Public Folder Sharing.
Step 9
The basic functions of a server can already be done by the computer. Check if the server works by trying to access files using a different computer.