How to clear computer history

Level of difficulty: Easy

Different people have different reasons to delete the computer history, some want to keep their browsed sites, videos, images secret while some want to delete computer history so that the data and information should not be watched by other people on the same computer. Some special software are also available to delete the computer history but there is a simple manual method to delete computer history easily. Software may be free as well some software are paid. Some people want to delete the whole history of the computer before selling it to others due to security issues. We all know that computers save the sites and other paths in cookies for some specific period. Deleting computer history means there is no evidence of the visited sites.

Materials Needed:
- A Computer System
- browser and Internet connection.
Step 1
Open the browser one uses on his system. Click on the 'Tools' option in the menu bar at the top of the page. A drop down list of options will open down on clicking the Tools menu option. Click on the last option 'Internet Options' from the list. A multiple tab pop-up box will open as soon as one click on the Internet Options link.
Step 2
The default 'General' tab will be opened, if somehow this tab does not open click on the 'General' tab to display the properties under the General option. Select 'Browsing History' section. After clicking on it one will find 'get rid of the temporary files, saved passwords, web form information, cookies, and the history of previously viewed websites'. By clicking the delete tab will erase any information about the visited pages from you on this computer via the same browser you have opened.
Step 3
Eliminate saved personal information by clicking the 'Delete Forms' button from the 'Form Data' section. Each time you fill some personal information in the form, it saves the information in the computer memory to save filling the same information again and again, this saves the time, but while working on other person’s computer one needs to delete the personal information in order to avoid hacking of the personal information.
Step 4
Click on the 'Delete Passwords' tab in the 'Passwords' section in order to delete the saved passwords for the various sites you browsed. By clicking the 'Delete All' tab one can get rid of the whole information you have entered on various sites.