How to clean an lcd monitor

Level of difficulty: Easy

The launch of many different computer models has revolutionized not only the various technologies but it has even given ways to various technologies and advancements. The old computers were bulky and had very big monitors but the current scenarios have changed and monitors too have been modernized. The launch of LCD monitors have made the people fall for their clarity and display characters. The liquid crystal display is slim electronic display screen which makes use of the light modulating characteristics of the liquid crystals. These LCD’s do not give off light directly, they need a light source.

Materials Needed:
- Knowledge about monitors and careful handling
Step 1
The LCD monitors are extremely sensitive as they are made up of delicate films of liquid molecules and thus one needs to be careful while cleaning. Cleaning too hard and pressing against the monitor will render them non-functional.
Step 2
They are delicate structures and thus are to be cleaned with soft materials. Using tissue papers, paper towels and other harsh materials is strictly prohibited as this will spoil the monitor.
Step 3
LCD monitors are also sensitive to various chemicals and thus tap water is to be avoided as it contains chlorides which would destroy the sensitive film molecules.
Step 4
The use of lint free or muslin cloth and cotton fabrics are ideal cleaning materials. Silk and nylon will act harsh on monitor.
Step 5
To make use of water one can clean them with distilled water as this is soft and filtered. Distilled water is free of all hard water elements which pose a threat to various molecules of the liquid display.
Step 6
A home remedy to clean a LCD monitor is to make use of the vinegar. One can add a drop of vinegar over the lint free cloth and then clean.
Step 7
The practice of clearing with a dry cloth after any type of wet cleaning is recommended.
Step 8
An individual can even make use of the portioned isopropyl alcohol and water to clean the LCD monitor.
Step 9
Compressed air can also be blown to remove dust particles sticking to the sides.
Step 10
One can pick from a wide range of LCD monitor cleaning kits as there are surplus options available in market.
Step 11
Before cleaning a LCD monitor one must refer to the manual as it will give a lot of information about how to clean a LCD and various do’s and don’ts to be followed.