How to create a computer game

Level of difficulty: hard

Playing computer games and creating them is a vast difference. While most people love playing computer games, and if you attempt to make one, then think hard as it is not only tough to make but also time taking. Making a computer game isn’t as easy as playing it as it takes a lot of brain racking tasks and doing listings and numbering pixels, you need to copy tiles over and over again. The time taken to create a computer game may go up to 100 of hours so if you are not prepared for it mentally before starting, quit in the beginning.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Get a team together as you will be able to share the work. Though the time will still be immense but sharing it will shorten the hours.
Step 2
People working around with you will also motivate you. Make sure there is team commitment.
Step 3
Assess your inventory of the computer skills that you have and make a list of what tasks you can perform, such as Java, Flash, etc. See if you have the skills to make tables and value tables, which is required to make a game.
Step 4
Also think if the members have qualities in different areas to complete the game.
Step 5
If none of the team members are well skilled, then use a game-making program. If it is a Role Playing game you are creating, then use a program like RPG Maker. You will be able to use templates without having knowledge of programming.
Step 6
Decide on the menu and character screen, and a full combat. Start work on building the prototype and think how long it will take.
Step 7
After the prototype is complete, play it and then evaluate it. If you find that the prototype is not the way you wanted it, revise on it by working on it more till it is satisfactory, of course at the same time keeping your interest in it.
Step 8
Make a drawing of your full story, with characters and locations included. Have a list prepared and try to keep a deadline when each piece has to be completed.
Step 9
If you stick to your schedule and work on time, eventually it will pay off giving you immense satisfaction.