How to Restart the Computer in Safe Mode

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The Safe Mode in Windows is another approach at booting the Operating System Windows for the purpose of running diagnostic and administrative tasks during installation. Booting into the Safe Mode means that the Operating System would only load the bare minimum of the software needed in order for the Operating System to function. The said mode of operating is intended to enable users to run diagnostics and troubleshoot problems on the computer system. The basic drivers for video are loaded by the Safe Mode that is why the programs do not look the same.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
Step 1
Two methods are employed in booting computers running on the Operating Systems Windows 98 and Windows ME. Windows 95 only employs a single method. Since it lacks a System Configuration Utility, Windows 95 employs only the F8 method when booting into the Safe Mode. The F8 method begins with the user restarting the computer.
Step 2
When the computer starts, it lists a number of equipment installed in the machine. This includes the installed hard drives, the amount of memory, etc. As soon as it is done with that, the message 'Starting Windows 95' is displayed on the screen. The moment this message appears, press the 'F8' key.
Step 3
Upon pressing F8, a menu will appear. Using the cursor keys, choose the option to start in the Safe Mode and then press the enter key. You may now begin doing the tasks needed and as soon as you are finished, reboot the computer in order to boot back to the normal mode.
Step 4
The Windows 98 and Windows ME Operating Systems employ both the F8 method and the System Configuration Utility. The F8 method begins by restarting the computer. As soon as the computer restarts, a list of the installed equipment is displayed on the screen. It is at this instance that the user must gently and repeatedly tap on the F8 key until a menu appears.
Step 5
Once the menu is present on the screen, choose the option to boot into the Safe Mode by means of the arrow keys. Accomplish all the required tasks and upon finishing, reboot so that the machine could boot back in the normal mode.
Step 6
The System Configuration Tool method begins by closing all the applications so that there is nothing open and the user is at the desktop. Click 'Start' and then click 'Run'. It is in the Run field that the user must type 'msconfig'. The OK button is then clicked in order for the System Configuration Utility to start up.
Step 7
As soon as the System Configuration Utility Startup Screen appears, press the button 'Advanced'. The checkbox with the label 'Enable Startup Menu' must be checked and then click on the 'OK' button twice. The Windows 98 and ME Operating Systems will then prompt the user to confirm the reboot. Clicking on the 'Yes' button will then boot the machine into the Safe Mode. As soon as the troubleshooting or diagnostic tasks are done, uncheck the 'Enable Startup Menu' to reboot the computer into the normal mode.