How to build a custom computer

Level of difficulty: Hard

Building your own personal computer saves you on money and you get it personalized the way you want to. You also have to take into consideration the budget you are considering. You might at first find it tedious and difficult but as you progress, you will see that everything will fall into place. Building a PC is a simple task and it is not required of you to know how the parts function so that you can build one. You can have a new computer installed for yourself within a matter of few hours keeping in mind that you get the correct and compatible parts.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Pay attention to selecting the right parts to build your PC, also how the parts fit together and how to test the system, install the operating system and if there are any problems, troubleshoot them.
Step 2
You can get branded parts from the well known manufacturers. Most of the components are of similar value these days, but since brand names speak, they are different from the ordinary ones and are more in demand. Build up your knowledge by researching different manufacturing equipment companies on the websites.
Step 3
Start planning with what CPU, motherboard and chipset you require as these are the brains, soul and heart of any machine. If you use a graphic card, you get a faster frame in games and DVD writers, etc as it gives you faster reading and writing differ in speeds.
Step 4
The CPU and Graphics cards differ in price for the performance that you achieve.
Step 5
Whenever new components are released, prices keep dropping. It is depending on you how far you go to spend and for what benefit you would be using your PC.
Step 6
If you want to do data entry, write letters watch movies, play games or search the net, you don’t need to spend too much on a PC. A mid range graphics card will do you good.
Step 7
The benefit you get out of building your own PC is that you can do various tasks and simply upgrade.
Step 8
First of all, you must know what combination of parts you want to start off with. The features are various in nature, and the components are new, which can be added on to make your PC a fast working one, and suitable for your work. You would want the best which is up to date. Remember, you don’t need to be a techie or even a geek to build your own PC.