How to customize my space profile

Level of difficulty: Easy

You can customize My Space profile to make it look more attractive and make your entries look better. My Space is becoming very popular and people post personal profiles of themselves with pictures, maintain blogs, and there is also a network of people. It is a nice way to keep contact with people whom you have not met over the years. When you sign up for a free space profile, you straight away want to start chatting, but its better if you personalize it first. You will be able to do it yourself or with a little help from others using elementary HTML and put some personal touches which will become your trademark. After all, your virtual appearance should be just as good as your real appearance.

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
There are two ways to customize My Space, firstly your profile should mention your interests in your specified fields, these will appear with a built in hyperlink which is displayed in boxes on both sides of the screens.
Step 2
Your viewer’s comments will appear at the bottom of the page. My Space account is set up with colors and styles, you have to go to My Space editor, there you will get the option of choosing your own colors and fonts, then select them, the site will give the HTML code which you will use for your profile or blog.
Step 3
Another My Space editor is the Thomas’ My Space editor. It provides you with numerous options which can help you customize your My Space profile, you can use this to modify the background color and insert and image too. All you have to do is upload the picture you want, and use Thomas' My Space Editor link which is available online, the site is An example is that you have a picture kept in your desktop, follow the link from Thomas' site to Thomas' Image Help.
Step 4
Then click on 'Choose File' button and upload my file (cody.jpg) from the desktop.
Step 5
The Thomas' engine opens, and it will link to the picture I have chosen.
Step 6
Then click on the URL, and click on 'Edit Background' button and copy the URL into the 'Background Image URL' box, I can make a choice to tile the picture then I click 'Generate Code' button. The picture will show in the background of My Space profile'.
Step 7
You can also insert tables, make 3D images, change text colors and sizes, adjust headers and insert hyperlinks.