How to Play an MKV File

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

The MKV container format is also known as the Matroska Multimedia Container. It is a file format that holds video files, audio files, and subtitles in a single file. The .mkv file format is most commonly used for HD files. The .mkv file format of the Matroska Multimedia Container is specifically for files with subtitles and audio. Although, this type of file is commonly used, it is not easily opened in an ordinary computer. Other file formats from the Matroska Multimedia Container are .mka for audio files and .mks for subtitles.

Materials Needed:
- MKV file
- Internet connection (optional)
- Media player that supports MKV files
Step 1
An .mkv file is an open source format. It is free to be distributed and used by the public. A proper codec must be downloaded to be able to open and play an .mkv file. Open a Web browser window and access the website
Step 2
On the website, click on the link 'Windows Vista/XP/2K'. You will be redirected to a site that provides a codec file to be downloaded. This codec decodes the .mkv file so that it can be played. Save the file and wait for it to be completely downloaded.
Step 3
Install the file by clicking on the downloaded .exe file. Go through the installation procedure and wait for the installation to be completed.
Step 4
Once the file has been installed, you can play the .mkv file. Locate the .mkv file that you want to be played. Right click on the file and click on the option 'open with' on the drop-down menu that will appear. Choose 'Zoom Player' from the options presented. This should play the .mkv file.
Step 5
An .mkv file can also be played with different media players that support Matroska Multimedia Container file formats. The most popular media players that support this file format are VLC media player and the DivX media player. These media players are available for different platforms. Open a Web browser window and access for the VLC media player and for the DivX media player.
Step 6
Download the media player of your choice. Once the download has been completed, install the program by clicking on the .exe file.
Step 7
Once the installation has been completed, locate the .mkv file that you want to be played and right click on it. Choose 'open with' from the drop-down menu and locate the name of the media player that you have downloaded. Choose the media player.