How to Download a Desktop Theme on Your Computer

Level of difficulty: Intermediate

Desktop themes are graphical tools, which allow its user to customize and personalize the feel and the design of his desktop. There are many websites offering paid and free downloadable desktop theme designs. Desktop themes come in different colors and different characters allowing users to enjoy variety of icons and wallpapers to mix and match until they achieve the desired fresh look on their desktop.

Materials Needed:
- Desktop theme program manager (XTheme Manager
- MS Plus)
- WinZip
- Win RAR
- Internet connection
Step 1
To download a desktop theme on your computer you will need an Internet connection. The Internet connection will provide you access to different websites offering downloadable desktop themes.
Step 2
Check on the system requirements before downloading a theme to avoid possible compatibility issues.Begin downloading your preferred desktop themes.
Step 3
Scan your downloaded file before accessing or running it in your computer. This will help secure your computer’s system from malicious files and other harmful programs.
Step 4
Right click on your downloaded theme then select unzip or extract to open it. Desktop themes are usually downloaded in .zip or that .rar format, which requires a WinZip or a WinRAR program. If you don’t have these programs you may download a free trial version over the Internet.
Step 5
Notice that some themes are already set to unzip itself in a particular path or folder. Proceed to unzip in the specified folder. If the path of the file is not specified, check on any additional instructions provided. Follow provided instructions to assure that you unzip the file to the required folder. In the absence of any instructional materials or specified folder proceed to Step 5.
Step 6
Themes are usually unzipped to c:\programfiles\plus!\themes to work. To go to c:\programfiles\plus!\themes open my computer and click on Drive C: .Look for the Plus! folder inside the Drive C: then select themes to save your unzipped desktop theme. Some desktop themes may also require a particular theme manager to be accessed. Again, check on the instructions provided and download the necessary program.
Step 7
Check if you have installed and save all your downloaded desktop themes via running them in your computer.