How to Show the Desktop

Level of difficulty: Easy

The Show Desktop tool on Windows Operating Systems is very helpful when you have to access an icon on the desktop and you have several windows maximized. Without the Show Desktop tool, you have to go through all the open windows and minimize them one by one. The Show Desktop tool makes this task easier by minimizing all the windows at once to show the desktop.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- notepad (optional)
Step 1
There are several ways to make your desktop appear. If you have a lot of windows open and you have to access the desktop, all you have to do is place your mouse pointer on an empty space on the taskbar. Right click and choose 'Show Desktop' and all the open programs will minimize. You can now access the desktop.
Step 2
Another way to show the desktop is by clicking on the 'Show Desktop' icon. This icon is located on the lower left hand corner of the desktop. It is located on the right of the 'Start' button. Click on this button to show the desktop.
Step 3
If you have accidentally deleted the Show Desktop icon from your computer, there is a way to make it re-appear. Open the Notepad application. To do this, click on the 'Start' button.
Step 4
Choose 'All Programs' from the menu and select 'Accessories' from the list. Another menu will appear. On that menu, click on 'Notepad' and a new window will appear.
Step 5
On Notepad, type '[Shell]' on the first line. Press the 'Enter' key on your keyboard to proceed to the next line. On the next line, type 'Command=2'. Press 'Enter'. On the third line, type 'IconFile=explorer.exe,3'. Press 'Enter'. On the fourth line, type '[Taskbar]'. Press 'Enter'. On the last line, type 'Command=ToggleDesktop'.
Step 6
Save this file by clicking on 'File' and selecting 'Save As'. On the window, you will be prompted to provide a file name for the file. Save the file with the file name 'Show Desktop.scf'.
Step 7
Locate the Notepad file that you have saved. Drag the icon on the System Tray or on the Desktop. The shortcut for the 'Show Desktop' tool should appear on the location where you dropped the file.
Step 8
Use the 'Show Desktop' shortcut to be able to minimize all the open windows and access any icon on the desktop.