How to Install Microsoft Word 2000

Level of difficulty: Beginner

The Microsoft Word 2000 application is the default word processing software of Microsoft Corporation included in the Microsoft Office 2000 productivity suite which may be installed together with other components or by itself. Released in 1983 as the Multi-Tool Word for the Xenix systems, the later versions of the software were rewritten to accommodate other popular computer platforms at the time which included IBM Personal Computer using the DOS environment, the Apple Macintosh, OS/2, SCO UNIX, and the Microsoft Windows platform. It was also distributed either as a standalone product of part of the Microsoft Works Suite which is presumably the predecessor of the Microsoft Office Suite. Due to branding strategies, the name was revised to give emphasis to Word as its identity as part of the Office suite which eventually led to the use of the Microsoft Office Word rather than being simply marketed as Microsoft Word.

Materials Needed:
- Microsoft Office CD installer
- computer
- hard drive with adequate disk space
- CD or DVD drive
- Microsoft Windows Operating System
- Web browser
- Internet connection
Step 1
To begin the installation process for the Microsoft Word 2000 program, insert the installation CD into the optical media drive. This should display the installation window. In case the setup does not automatically launch, click on the 'Start' button and select the 'Run' option.
Step 2
Click the 'Browse' button and navigate to the directory folder <Your CD Drive>:\Win32\install\WORDPRO\OFFICE2K.EXE and click on the 'Open' button.
Step 3
The installation instructions window will be displayed to the user. Make sure that you have the CD key for this Microsoft Office version at this point.
Step 4
A series of installation windows will be displayed to the user while the application prepares with the installation process for the Office 2000 suite.
Step 5
A window prompting for the user’s Name, Initials, Organization, and the 25 digit CD key will be displayed. Fill up all the necessary information in the appropriate fields.
Step 6
After reading the End-User License Agreement, click on the 'Yes' option to agree to it. Click on the 'Next' button.
Step 7
In the next window, click the 'Custom' option to continue. The default directory of 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office' will be displayed. If for some reason this location is not acceptable, type in a new directory folder; otherwise, click on the 'Next' button to continue with the installation process.
Step 8
A tree view will be displayed to the user. Since only Microsoft Word 2000 will be installed, make sure that it is the only selected component. Expand the tree to check for other installation options.
Step 9
Available options include 'Installs the Selected Item to the hard drive', 'Does Not Install the Selected Item', 'Installs the Selected Item on first use', and 'Runs the Selected Item off the CD-Rom' drive. Choose the appropriate option for each Microsoft Office component.
Step 10
Upon clicking the 'Next' button, the selected options will be implemented into the local system. The necessary settings will also be used.
Step 11
After completion of the installation process, eject the installation CD and restart the computer. On reboot, open the Web browser and go to the Microsoft website to check for updates for the Microsoft Word 2000 product.