How to charge an ipod shuffle

Level of difficulty: Easy

Remove the USB cap and connect the iPod shuffle to the High power USB port of your computer. A light will blink as soon as the charging starts in the back side of the iPod. The battery is 80% charged within 2 hours and it will take three to four hours to charge it fully. The iPod shuffle status light is amber when it is charging and it turns to green color when the battery is fully charged, until one disconnects it from the port. Sometimes the charging status light does not blink; this may be due to the improper plugging of the iPod or due to the non-functional computer port. So you will have to connect it on the other port of the System. One can check out the battery status at a given time. Press the “battery status button” on the back side of the iPod to check the battery status. Different light colors indicate the level of battery status at that particular time. When one presses the button if green color blinks, this indicates that the battery is fully charged, if the light appears to be amber then the battery is low on charging and it requires a fair bit of charging. While the red color indicates that the battery is left with very low battery and is going to switch off in a while. If there is no light it indicates that the battery is out of power and it requires charging to use it again.

Materials Needed:
- To charge the iPod shuffle one need to have a USB port in the computer. By turning on the computer and fixing the iPod shuffle in the USB port
- a light will blink in the iPod suggesting that charging has started. One can also charge the iPod shuffle with the help of iPod USB Power Adaptor. Three to four hour charging is enough to have a full charged battery.
Step 1
Connect the AC adaptor plug to the Power Adaptor.
Step 2
The USB end port of the iPod shuffle dock chord should be connected to the AC power adaptor.
Step 3
The power adaptor needs to be connected to an outlet before the charging starts. Allow the iPod shuffle to charge in the shuffle dock for at least 3 hours to have a completely charged battery. In fact we can disconnect it earlier but at least three hours charging will ensure a complete charging of the battery.