How to burn vcd

Level of difficulty: Easy

If you are looking for a medium apart from DVD for burning videos, you may go for VCD. While DVDs are one of the best ways for storing large files, mostly video and audio, VCDs, which has the capacity of storing files of a little smaller size can easily store video/s as well. A VCD or Video Compact Disc is the same media as a compact disc. The difference between a VCD and CD is that VCD can hold both video and audio files, while most CDs only include audio files. VCDs have the same amount of storage capacity as CD, which is about 650 to 700 MB's of space. The storage space of VCD varies though. Some VCDs can store up to 74 minutes (650 MB) while some have the storage capacity of 80 minutes (700 MB).

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
Here giving you some tips to burn your VCD. First you should encode your video/s into MPEG1 format. Then burn it to a CD-R. For burning you VCD you need to inform your burning program to specifically burn a VCD. The files should not merely be copied onto a CD-ROM and then played. The ways of burning VCDs are much different than burning a normal CD-ROM. However, there is no reason to worry. These days increasing numbers of software are coming up to help you out with the process.
Step 2
There are lots of advantages if you use VCDs. VCDs mostly use the MPEG-1 format to record video and audio to a compact disk and almost all the computers are able to view VCDs using their CD player. In addition to that all DVD players are also compatible with VCD disks while DVDs are not always compatible with one another. For example, there are DVD+R and DVD-R media. There is DVD RAM as well. Some DVD players have the capacity to play only one type of DVD media. The other types are incompatible. VCDs are also much cheaper than DVDs.
Step 3
Although the VCDs are more compatible than DVDs, the quality of picture and sound of VCD are often a little inferior to that of DVD. The reason behind this is that in VCDs, the amount of storage space is much less compared to DVDs. If you want to burn a video file which is larger than 650 -700 MB's, you need to compress it first. The compression often reduces the resolution of the video.