How to Make a Brochure on Microsoft Word

Level of difficulty: Easy

Microsoft Office Word, which began strictly as a word processing application, has actually evolved into a type of well-rounded program with the ability to assist the user in creating basic desktop publishing materials that can be directly outputted to inkjet printers or sent to printing presses for more commercial output designs. The ease of use associated with the creation of various materials supported by this software is attributed to its numerous templates which even the most novice computer users can take advantage of. However, when it comes to creating invitations, publications, pamphlets, or brochures, a background in typesetting and image editing processes will surely come in handy to create the desired final output. Familiarity with various menus and functions of the Microsoft Office Word program is also an advantage to be able to accomplish the task in a shorter time.

Materials Needed:
- Computer
- Microsoft Office Word
- printer
- paper or board
Step 1
In starting out the project of creating a brochure using the Microsoft Office Word program, it is important that the user has an idea of what the final design is intended to look like. Create a draft by sketching the brochure layout and things to be included in the contents.
Step 2
Once all the text and image contents have been identified and their proper placement in the brochure has been finalized, open the Microsoft Office Word program by clicking on the 'Start' button and choose the 'Microsoft Office' option from the 'All Programs' menu.
Step 3
When the working window of the Microsoft Office Word application opens, click on the 'File' menu and select the 'New' option to bring up the 'Document Wizard' option.
Step 4
Click on the 'Publications' tab and select the 'Brochure' icon. Click on the 'OK' button to open the Brochure Template.
Step 5
Before editing the template, make sure to name and save your project by clicking on the 'File' menu and selecting the 'Save As' option so as not to overwrite the template file.
Step 6
Place your named brochure in a separate directory folder by clicking on the drop down arrow at the upper left-hand corner of the box and click on the 'Save' button.
Step 7
By default, the brochure is tri-fold and uses the letter size paper. It also contains text and images to serve as guide. Based on your design on Step 1, edit these objects by simply clicking on them to customize the brochure based on your preferences.
Step 8
Items not needed in the final layout may be clicked and deleted. Save your brochure after every customization by clicking on the 'File' menu and choosing the 'Save' option.
Step 9
After placing all the necessary contents, review the entire brochure to make sure that it satisfies the desired final output.
Step 10
Place a sheet or sheets of paper in the printer’s sheet feeder. Click on the 'File' menu and select the 'Print' option to create a hard copy output of the brochure.