For years, the music and film industries have been attempting to put a stopper on piracy websites, but despite the on-going battle, business is still booming for sites such BitTorrent and The Pirate Bay. A recent report points the finger at the legitimate companies which continue to pump advertising money into the most popular pirate sites.

Released on Tuesday, the report from the Digital Citizens Alliance (DCA) entitled “Good Money Gone Bad” outlines the fact that pirate sites take in as much as $4.4 million per year from business like Amazon, McDonalds and Lego. These huge figures only make up the top 30 sites investigated, though even small sites could reportedly take in as much as $100,000 per year from advertisements. This reportedly leaves the sites with a possible profit margin of up to 94% in a typical year.

According to the DCA, as many as 30% of the 600 pirate sites investigated had advertisements from well-known brands such as Whole Foods and McDonalds, which only serves to pump more money into a supposedly illegal industry.