How to create your own blog

Level of difficulty: Easy

The way the content is presented in a blog is different from a website. A blog post has its contexts of its tags, published date, categories and also the search results. For a blog, you require a database and a server side scripting. A blog requires a database and server-side scripting, it is not necessary that you have to learn these technologies. A blog can be built by a hosting plan such as a blog builder like Quick Blogcast

Materials Needed:
- Specialized software
Step 1
This program gives you everything you require to start blog building. Blog is provided, the host is provided and the domain name too is given. Avoid installing your own blog software by using Quick Blogcast
Step 2
It is very easy to create a blog, take the help of an online website builder, all you have to do is log in, make a choice of the design you require and then add the content.
Step 3
All you do is create blog and add content. If you want a blog with your own domain dame, then this is the easiest way though there are other ways too off setting up a blog.
Step 4
If you want to do it the other way to set up your own blog, you can choose out of three options. Now which option you choose depends on how serious you are about the blog. For free blogging, use the service of Blogger, as this option is very popular with amateurs and is easy to set up but there could be future problems. You will not have your own domain name, and when users trying to find your blog,they will find 'page not found' error.
Step 5
Blogging service has power to destroy your blog, and you could lose your blog. It is necessary to get your own domain name, so register a domain name with Zappy Host and you can get a free account for blogging.
Step 6
Download the blogging software such as Wordpress, then install it onto the server. You will be asked to register your domain name and the hosting account, this is self installation. For pre installation, this already includes a blog, there is not need for the blogger to do downloading of any software. You can use Quick Blogcast for this.
Step 7
If to make money is the main criteria is used from your blog, then go in for either of the last two options, as you get your own domain name, and no advertisement disturbs your blog. But if you want advertisements displayed, you can choose them.